About us

JDF Sports is an online sports media network using the power of social media. Founded in 2017 and rebranded in 2018, JDF Sports covers all major sports such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football and basketball, soccer, wrestling, and combat sports. No matter how you get your information, we make sure to have it covered: nightly live streams, podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, social media posts, and all breaking news updates on all social media platforms.

As die-hard sports fans like yourself we work effortlessly to bring you not only the best content but the most accurate and informative content as well. No bull, no click bait, no politics, and no makeup wearing suit and tie talking heads. Real passionate fans who keep up more than the average fan.

The goal of JDF Sports long-term is to become your one stop shop for everything sports for years to come. No one watches cable TV anymore and radio is so outdated, so watch our live streams right on your phone, tablet, laptop, TV, Xbox, etc. or if you are busy listen to our podcast or catch one of our shows on the replay. Need to catch up on the news from the day? Head over to our social media feed to see EVERYTHING that happened that day.

We know we need to earn your trust, so give us a listen and check out all our stuff and know, we’ve got your back.

Back in 2017 when we started this, we streamed one show twice a week with a team of two and in 3 years we have managed to expand to eight shows and counting, and over 16 team members. Check out our lineup below:

Fun, engaging, entertaining, informative are just some words to explain our live streams. We talk to the fans, we read the comments, and we let you be a part of the show! Multi-streaming on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube allows us to make sure you can see a show no matter what platform you use most.

Founded in 2017

JDF Sports was founded in 2017 by owner Kevin Fitzmaurice while co-hosting “Ottie and Fitz Sports Talk” with Ottie Mo. Recording a weekly live podcast and covering news on social media the show continued to grow. In 2018 Fitz rebranded the program as JDF Sports dedicating the network to his late father Joseph Daniel Fitzmaurice and the hype was real. 

“My dad taught me everything he knew about sports growing up. We had all the memorabilia, we watched all the games, he groomed me into the sports fan I am today. When he died I lost that but I gained the ability to work with some great people and talk sports with thousands of people all across the country. They say people die twice, once when they leave this earth and once when the last person talks about them, so I want to make sure my dad never dies again.”- Kevin Fitzmaurice

Once Fitz teamed up with Justin Kearns in 2018, the network began to grow adding shows like Fantasy Egos with Tyrell, Transfer Portal Podcast with Walt and Fonz, and Puck Off with Chris. In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation and shut down sports. The crew got bigger, adding guys like Dillon James, Sean Millitello, Nick Newton, Gabe O’Lari, Xavier Godette, Mike DeSanto, Brandon Andrade, and Conor Robinson. Interviewing big name guests such at Dexter McCluster, Chris Gronkowski, Marc Zumoff, Steve Sax, and Scott Hansen just to name a few, we kept hustlin’ and growing.

JDF Sports- by the fans, for the fans. Keep Rockin’ with us!