Meet The Team

Growing up I was never a big sports fan, just enough to never miss a Patriots game on Sunday or to miss a potential playoff game for the Bruins, Red Sox, or Celtics. I was more into video games and playing outside. As I got older, I watched more and more and learned more and more from my dad. He was a die-hard sports fan. When I was in middle school, I started to watch more sports and actually learn the game. Once I moved to a new town after elementary school and got familiar with my new school, I started playing football. I was never good, I just wanted to hang out with my friends and as an overweight kid, I wanted to lose weight. While I was playing, I was also watching more than just the Patriots and learning about other teams, the rules, and the history. I couldn't ever imagine learning from anyone smarter than my pops. We grew closer and bonded to the point where we watched just about every night no matter what sport, who it was, and what time the game was on. Getting obsessed with Fantasy Football and playing tons of Madden 2004 early helped me to master the rosters and learn the plays and rules. Once I fell in love with the sport of football, it was too late to play as I was towards the tail end of my junior year in high school. Football lured me into the thrill and then I found myself watching basketball, baseball, hockey, college and so much more. Today, when I am not working my 9-5, cooking up a bomb dish, play golf or disc golf, playing video games, or at the gym, I am reading the latest and making trades in my fantasy league. Sports have become a massive spot in my life and propelled me to bring that passion to the screen for you guys on Fitz Lounge.

Kevin Fitzmaurice

My name is Justin “Intern” Kearns and first and foremost, no, I’m not actually an intern. I am the co-founder, VP and head basketball analyst for JDF Sports. I was born and raised in Shrewsbury, MA. I attended Shrewsbury High School and Fitchburg State University after that. I was first drawn to sports because of how it forms and strengthens bonds between friends. I really got into basketball in high school. I was always interested, but high school was when I ignited the passion for it. I am always wanting to know more about the game and about the players themselves. I joined JDF right after college as an intern with “Ottie and Fitz Sports Talk.” Since then I have worked with and under the guidance of Fitz to start the JDF Sports Network. Outside of JDF, I like TV, movies, anime, playing video games and getting drinks with good friends.

Justin Kearns

I have been a massive fan of many sports for as long as I can remember. Along with playing soccer for about 20 years, I was a baseball fanatic and loved watching football. As much as I always enjoyed hockey, whether it was my friend’s team or the Worcester IceCats, NHL games were not easily found on television. While the magnitude of the Stanley Cup playoffs was made clear to me when the Bruins traded Ray Bourque to the Colorado Avalanche, it wasn’t until Patrice Bergeron’s rookie season in 2003-2004 that I was able to start watching the Bruins on a regular basis. After that, I was hooked. As the years went by and the team continued to improve the roster and start competing in the playoffs, I was able to start attending even more games in person and looking to consume anything Bruins that I could. After contributing to a different website for just about a year, I connected with Fitz, who explained the vision of JDF Sports and shortly thereafter I joined the team. Aside from working with JDF Sports, I have worked for both the Hunt and Kraft families, who both have ownership across many professional sports leagues including Major League Soccer and the National Football League. I spent a year living in Dallas, TX, which gave me the opportunity to appreciate a lot more teams than just those in my home market, which has only increased my hunger to watch sports that much more. After consulting with Fitz for a few months, we were able to launch our hockey show, Puck Off. A few solo shows later, I quickly jumped on an opportunity to Dillon James onto the JDF Sports team as my co-host. I had previously worked with him a couple of times on his own show. I have ALWAYS enjoyed the back and forth of sports conversation, and the ability to now have that on a worldwide scale is nothing short of exciting!

Chris Nosek

What's up JDF fans, my legal name is Alfonso De Falco, but everyone calls me Fonz. I have been a sports nut ever since I can remember. From the Little Tikes basketball hoop I had when I was a kid, to playing D-1 collegiate rugby at St. Bonaventure University, sports has been a huge part of my life. When I fractured my eye socket sophomore year of college, I had a lot of free time. That is when I discovered The Dan Le Batard Show w/ Stugotz on ESPN. Once I started listening to that show, it inspired me to have a career in the sports talk world. The show also showed me that you can have the serious sports discussions while also having some fun with it because, at the end of the day, you want to enjoy your career. My personality on the show and in everyday life reflects on that time when I started listening to the show. Joining JDF Sports has been a huge part of my life that allows me to show my full personality without having restrictions. I had a lot of trouble finding work after college but thankfully, my good friend Alec Walt reached out to me back in the summer of 2019 if I wanted to start a show with him (Transfer Portal Podcast) and I immediately said yes. Since then, I have also added another show to the lineup in Four Corners - a pro wrestling show. JDF is a family and I no doubt recommend you checking out everything with JDF Sports!

Fonz De Falco

Living in Tennessee, I grew up watching the Tennessee Titans, Tennessee Volunteers, and the Nashville Predators. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Tennessee Tech University, I worked at our student-run radio station, WTTU 88.5FM The Nest, and hosted The Sportscast with Dillon James. In 2017, I launched the Out of Bounds with Dillon James podcast, and that’s where I met Chris. Chris invited me to the JDF family earlier this year, and although we do talk hockey on Out Of Bounds, Puck Off has presented me the opportunity to dive deeper into the reasons why I love the sport and discuss my fandom with other diehard fans.

Dillon James

I’m Mikael DeSanto, but you can just call me Mike! I’ve been a huge sports fan for most of my life, and my favorite teams have been colored by those of my family. Most of my family are Yankee fans, my grandfather and father have turned me into a New York Giants fan, while my dad also made me a Rangers fan. But, I love every single one of those teams, so I thank them all for that. College sports is when it gets a little different. Count me as a Notre Dame football and North Carolina basketball fan (thanks to my Uncle Mike for that one). I love watching, talking and learning sports, no matter which comes up. However, along with my absolute love of sports comes a love of sports entertainment, particularly the world of professional wrestling. Ever since I was a kid, I have been transfixed with the lights, the music and the amazing athletic moves that the wrestlers performed. As I have grown older, the interest in the shows transitioned from just the moves to the storytelling and behind the scenes aspect of the shows. I love to try to figure out what is going to happen and how it all works. While attending St. Bonaventure University, I met Fonz De Falco and Alec Walt. Whenever we met up, we talked sports, and in Fonz’s case, we talked wrestling too. But after graduation, we went our separate ways and continued our lives. After a while, Fonz asked me to join his podcast, The Slickback Kickback Report, to talk some wrestling. So I joined an episode, then another, and another. I kept coming on and became the third guy on most, if not all, wrestling episodes. Then, Fonz gave me a different offer. Having joined JDF and wanting to start a wrestling show, Fonz needed a co-host. He mentioned my name, and Walt immediately chimed in with approval. The rest will be history. I joined Four Corners as the co-host, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. We’re just getting started at JDF, and it’s going to be a fun ride!

Mike DeSanto

As a kid, I skipped some steps when I went from Barney to SportsCenter. But they say everything happens for a reason and now I know JDF Sports was that reason. It's only fair to let you know my favorite teams: New York Giants, New York Yankees, UConn (all around), and I am the biggest Steph Curry fan. Along with watching, I have tried every team sport you can think of. I played collegiate soccer at University of Hartford and Elms College. But my true love has always been football. I love the team aspect and building a true dynasty through the draft has always intrigued me. So being able to do that, draft my team that I was happy with made me start early. I started as a co-owner of my dad’s fantasy team when I was 7 and have not looked back. He gave me control of a team when I was 11. Since then, I have won his league multiple times and went on to be OBSESSED with fantasy football. I am so blessed to be able to host Fantasy Egos with one of my best friends and the founder of JDF, Kevin Fitzmaurice, one of the longest running shows we have on JDF. The progress in both the show and JDF as a whole never stops.

Tyrell Stewart

My name is Newt, host of Balls of Steel Steelers podcast weekly during the regular and postseason. I also am a highlight specialist and post lots of videos and highlights for you all to enjoy.

Nick Newton

Prior to writing for JDF Sports, writing was more of a chore and not what I was hoping for during school. Now, being a writer for JDF allowed me to re-find my passion in something I lost hope for. Writing for JDF is something I would encourage anyone that needs to find their spark to take up. I am allowed to be creative and unique with a topic that I can talk about for hours: sports. I intend for my readers to see my tone and the message I’m portraying with each of my posts. The best part of being with JDF is that my creativity has an unlimited horizon, they all want the best for the team and trust each writer to provide their own original content. I love all sports and all the aspects that come with it: players, rivalries, rumors, and management. But if I had to pick my favorite sport, it’s football. Both college and professional football, in my opinion, are the best topic in sports. Though both seasons are the shortest with the amount of games played, there is always a story to be written. Predictions, rumors, and re-structuring, there is always a story in the world of football. To get to know me, I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and therefore, I am a diehard New England fan. I attended the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where I played Rugby, but had to stop due to injuries. I moved to South Carolina in 2017, where I attended the University of South Carolina, School of Law and obtained my J.D. Go Cocks! In 2020, I took the South Carolina Bar, passed, and I’m currently an attorney in Myrtle Beach. However, when I am not writing legal memos, summons and complaints, or discovery, I am writing about a leisurely topic: sports. I hope all you readers enjoy my articles and all the other content on JDF Sports.

Joe Scibelli, Esq.